Hello guys? What\’s up! It\’s already November, one month to go before 2019. Time flies so fast! Oh? I just wondering to share my past few weeks how\’s my life going through. After posting my confession for this blog I feel free and unobstructed. Before I feel broken and unmotivated. However these things can\’t help me out to moving forward. I\’m stick for the cynical things that makes me feel ignorant. \”so stupid right?\” My anger strikes me when it comes about rejection and embarrassment. but doesn\’t help me anymore. Now I could learn a lot to accept things no matter what and I\’m so happy that I\’ve already release all doubts in my life and keep my life going.

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     Speaking of life going. Last Sunday I went to the christening of one my Goddaughter. OMGG! as a Godmother they are a lot. \” Ang dami ko na inaanak, anak na lang ang wala ako charot!\” 😂😂😂  Here in Philippines if you have a lot of Godchildren be ready for Christmas you need to work hard to earn money for their Christmas gifts. HAHAHHA! 😂😂😂 in our tradition Christmas is their very special day. That\’s the purpose of being Godparent. \”Ang sayah pati bulsa mo mamumulubi joke lang!\” Godchildren are blessing they are precious came from God.  Knowing what the Bible says about children will help you connect with God\’s heart and the children in your lives, which is always a good thing. I love sharing their gifts They are my angels.

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  Current mood: Thinking plans
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   Do you have any plans for next year? Well mine is going to travel next year. I really want to visit Cebu! \”crossfingers!\” Because Cebu has a lot of beautiful attractions and tourist spots. If you love extreme and adventure this is the perfect place that you need to put on your bucket list. Actually I\’ am going to Cebu alone. \”as always\”  I have planning to visit in coming March 2019 woo! I\’m so excited for this! If you have an offer or any suggestions for tour and accommodation please let me know! right now I\’m still finding for any cheaper price for tour. Thank you so much guys.
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    What about Halloween? Well I\’ am not a fan of Halloween actually during all saints day I have a work and do my task. Yah! we don\’t have Halloween party here in Hotel. mostly we have a lot of guest accommodating that we need to assist first. It was a ordinary day for me so no expectations.
but I really love to watch Horror movies. so thrilled and suspense. AHAHAHA! After that I can\’t sleep at the midnight Lol. 😂😂😂.
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 I have three questions.
  • Are you a Godparent?
  • What\’s you plan next year?
  • How\’s your Halloween? 

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    1. You reminding me how 2019 is close is freaking me out. I am not a Godparent, I haven't thought of any plans yet and my Halloween was pitiful, had too much candy and no one came to trick or treat so I am still left with loads of sweets.

    2. Thanks for sharing this special time with your family! I'm not a Godparent, but I am an aunt to 2 little boys and love spoiling the heck out of them over the holidays. Have fun with that little one, she's adorable!

    3. I am so so so with you and wrote a long blog post about NOT being a fan of Halloween as well last week! Ha! NO THANK YOU! I am so glad that day is OVER 😉 PS: your goddaughter is ADORABLE!

    4. I am not a godparent, but my kids have godparents. I have a lot of plans for next year we'll see what happens with them! 🙂 And Halloween was cold but good.

    5. Cebu is on my list of places to travel too! Your goddaughter is so adorable! I'm glad you're enjoying life and thanks for sharing you little life update!Alyssa // nine-threezero.com

    6. Cute little God daughter of yours! It's nice to see inspite of feeling not so motivated, disheartened… you don't give up & still keep on writing…

    7. I am not a Godparent in the way of a religious ceremony. But I am listed as legal guardian for both of my nephews if something happens to my sister and her husband, so it's similar. My boys dressed up as the PJ Masks for Halloween and we had to dodge the thunderstorms for trick-or-treating, but we still had fun! Your Goddaughter is adorable, congratulations!

    8. I'm not currently a Godparent though I can imagine it would be quite expensive. For Halloween I was unfortunately ill and wish I wasn't so my husband and I could have done something more fun! Sounds like you have great plans for the upcoming new year. I hope you get to travel!

    9. Happy november!!!! Our halloween was a blast. We held a youth group costume party at our church to help keep the youth in and safe that night! I am so excited for this month though lots of exciting things

    10. Thank you for sharing. I am not a godparent, but am a parent and a grandparent. My plan for next year is to see our parents who are both on other parts of our country, and to travel, which we didn’t get to do this year due to health problems. I’m thinking beach or mountains. I don’t really celebrate Halloween anymore, but really enjoy seeing my how my grandsons dress up each year!

    11. It was my first Halloween here in the US and my first time pumpkin carving, so i had fun. My silly husband was scaring the trick or treaters with his costume haha

    12. To answer your questions. I am not a Godparent. My plans for next year is to hopefully have my blog take off and do well and have new experiences. As far as my Halloween, I don't like all the candy that comes in the house because it adds to my weight. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    13. I am a Godparent! I feel very lucky to have this honour as I am not religious. Next year I plan to spend some time with my GOdson! But also to relax a bit more. I didn't get a chance to celebrate halloween, I did buy some candy for the kids but none came to my door so I ate it 🙂

    14. My Halloween was busy but it went well. Yes, I am the godparent of one adorable little boy. As for my plans for next year I have no clue, there is a ton I want to do but I need to get everything organized.

    15. How precious, your story about your Goddaughter, Christmas, and how they are a precious gift from God. Yes, we feel the same way! By the way, I love your sweet spirit and you are beautiful. God bless!

    16. I surprisingly a godparent mostly sans my consent, hahaha. It is a Filipino culture that I find quite off. But for others who ask me to be Godparent, I decline for that responsibility. But hey congrats for being a Godparent!

    17. I have a lot of plan that I wanted to do for next year and I hope to achieve all of them. That looks like a nice celebration, congrats to you and to your baby.

    18. Wow, Such a fun and great experience you had. You have such a cute god daughter. I have never had a chance to be a godparent and it looks really fun.

    19. Beautiful goddaughter! I am not a godparent yet, but I would love to. I am not a fan of Halloween either, haha. As for next year, travel and focus on my work would be my priorities.

    20. I never thought to visit Cebu so please do a review when you go. I go on solo trips often so I am with you and planning a solo trip next year myself!

    21. Congrats for the new blessing as Godmother to the beautiful angel., May you have more Blessing to Lord Gold always bless you.

    22. I am a god parent of so many kids and some kids whose parents made me a god parent without my consent or knowledge, LOL. All I know is that I am a great god Mom because I take good care of my god kids!

    23. hahaha same here. Honestly, I lost track of my inaanaks already. Only my husband lists them down. Anyway, I still give gifts to the little ones. But not sa bigger kids, like 10 and above. hihi Sorry, di na talaga kaya ng budget. I don't have 13th month or bonuses! huhuhu

    24. Aww, congrats! Your goddaughter is adorable! :] I'm really hoping I'll get to travel next year too. I've always wanted to go to Cebu! Hope you have a ton of fun on your trip!

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