All people found their love story. They have happily ever after. How I wish I could be the same way too. feeling of he will kiss me on my forehead.  Love story is one of the best part of our lives and the mystery of love moves in a mysterious ways. 

No one can answer when it could be happen.Who knows? like one day your feelings have a crashed. and feel the embraces of love.
In my life with full of fear and sadness. Love can\’t really find me. I\’ve been fall into a heartaches. We all know it\’s hard to catch someone\’s attention especially if the person it doesn\’t really like you. Love was not an easy thing to find on the island, true love finds its own ways. When I see someone with their love one it makes me feel bittersweet. I love to see their being happy but my heart say\’s how I wish I have someone he do the same way too. I really hope one day my pray will give an answer. thinking of God give me a sympathy. Now I have my boundaries I need to recognize my feelings when it comes to finding true love. We can\’t decide about the person who can gives you loves back. We cannot decide to love if you feel bitterness.
because acceptance is define of love. In the end. I am willing to wait for the person who deserves my love and will be part of my love story.

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  1. I remember feeling similar before I met my husband. It seemed like all of my friends had found that \”special someone\” and I hadn't yet. Once I stopped worrying about it, and just started doing what I wanted to do, I met this guy who became a boyfriend and now my husband and father to my children. Have faith, but be yourself and try not to let it get you down.

  2. I met my husband when I was 37 very unexpectedly. I can look back now and say I am thankful for the many years I was single. It made me who I am and I wouldn't change it for anything. Everyone has their own experiences and so much of it is out of our control. I try to live in the moment and not worry about what should be.

  3. Beautifully said. It’s always important to remember that when it comes to love, patience is a virtue. You want it to happen organically and when it’s supposed to.

  4. Your word rings true for us all at least at one point in our lives. While I am single, I take the time to fall in love with me and become the person I would want to spend time with. I do the things I love, have experiences and follow my dreams. So when I do find that person, we will have a lot to talk about.

  5. just take time and wait. all you have to do at the moment is to make yourself better and be the best version of you. you need to love yourself first before anybody else could love you. be the right person for your mr. right. 🙂

  6. Your words are so true! Love is a mystery and things often happen when you'd least expect them. When I met my husband, I dont think I could have predicted our future together, but its been a long and wonderful road. When you find what you are looking for, it will have been worth the wait!

  7. I think the problem is people think love is all fireworks and rainbows. You can love someone and at the same time just want to strangle them. It's a thin line between love and hate after all. The trick is finding someone that can be your best friend, your soul mate, and lover. You'll find yours when you least expect it.

  8. I felt the same after my divorce and meeting my current partner. It sucks to be hurt, but there is a story out there for you. Enjoy spending time with yourself, and knowing who you are and what you want. Had I done that I wouldn't have jumped into my first marriage

  9. Really love is mysterious and hard to do. Have faith on yourself you will find true person for life.xo Corina

  10. I've felt a lot of these same thoughts and fears, love is a crazy thing and something I don't think we will ever fully understand.

  11. Waiting for the right person can seem like it takes forever, but when you actually do and they truly compliment you – it makes the wait worth it!

  12. This is such a common feeling! Waiting to find the right person is painful and can sometimes be lonely- especially if you're looking. But trust me, when the right person comes along, you will know!

  13. I truly understand how you feel about this. Each of us has our respective love story it might be easy or hard to find the right person however patience is really one of the factor and as well as following your heart's desire after.

  14. I can relate relate to this. I yearn to find a special someone to share my life with. I am in a really good place in my life right now, all that is missing is that love, a kiss on the cheek and a hug, someone to tell my day to. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for the one's I have in my life now, friends, family. But I miss the intimacy with someone I am in love with.

  15. I think if you fall in love with yourself and find something that you're passionate about and dive into it, Love will find you unexpectedly. Wishing you much happiness.

  16. Take time to enjoy yourself, travel if you can or pick up a hobby like tennis or running. Participate in activities with like minded people, not with the purpose to meet someone but to really further your education in that hobby. Try to be happy, that's a very attractive quality!!!

  17. Can relate. I use to fantasy about love but after going heartbreaks over and over again, I kind of just let it go and stopped caring. I just let things happen.

  18. After many years with my man, what I came to believe is that i don't \”find\” love, I build it, I create it every day. Love is not something that rains from the sky, it has to be inside of me. I chose who to love and other people will choose to love me if I give them the opportunity. Of course this applies to my own life an experience, it is my conviction and I don't mean to make it a general rule.

  19. Indeed such heartfelt words. Couldn't agree more on what you have said. Just enjoy your very own moment and the right one will come at the right time. Make the most of your time developing yourself while waiting for the right one to come.

  20. Love is difficult. It is also easy to long for something you don't have. I have chosen to spend my single time falling in love with myself and my life so when the right person comes along, I am ready to love without obsession.

  21. Oh trust me I felt that way a few months ago and then boom I am not in a relationship with my close guy friend. I am afraid of falling in love even though we just started our relationship I just want it to work out so I can feel your sediments.

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