Are you being in love with the hate? Our mind can always restored about the bad memories, criticisms and judgement.  We cannot decide to moving forward because all of pain that you suffered from the past. Indeed! In reality is not easy to moving forward because when you reminisce the past  you became traumatic and full of anger. In this case you need to read my article regarding antipathy and Grudges. 

    When I was a child I\’ am victim of child bullying. \”Who knows?\”  I\’ve always being judge about my clothes my haircut and everything so I decide to be stronger person and depend myself to the all people who always judging me. Yah! I know the feel when it comes about bullying. I\’ve always been cry that time and I really don\’t know how can I depend myself as well. I\’m so being a weak and very Innocent that time. I\’ll decide to hating people who always bullying me and anything.

    During my high school days. I am very old fashion boyish. I don\’t have any new clothes because we can\’t afford to buy. I didn\’t comb my hair and I\’m not body conscious at all. During that time my family suffering a problem about financially so they decide to not continue my study and They want me to find a job to sustain them financially. This is really hard I don\’t know what to do. I might thinking that my dream is over. However I didn\’t quit I decide to continue my study despite of having a problem financially until I\’ll finish my high school.
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    When I already taking my college. I decide to find a job to become a working student. I worked as service crew in the fast food chain and server typist in the Internet shop. My school is in the morning and I work at night.It\’s quite hard but I\’ll enjoy. My determination and perseverance is the key to continue until I\’ll finish my college.

    Then after 2 years I\’m already graduated with the of course computer secretarial. with a full of determination and motivation. This is it! I feel the success at this moment. but still I\’m not feel happy and contended. \”Why is that?\’\” Do you know why? I will tell you.

   Because I\’m still holding grudges to the all people who always keeping me down and criticize me. Yah! I hate them to see their happy while I\’m suffered a lot of pain. I think they are not deserve to be happy. Yah! I forget to forgiving people! I\’ve always been to recounting their faults and thinking they are the reason why I feel the pain mentally.  I suffered a lot of heartaches and my antipathy was strong than my forgiveness.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});     Holding of grudges it makes me feel bitter. My heart feel so heavy and I forget how to accept things. until one day I realize that I\’ve already wasting my time to find real happiness and I really don\’t know how to respect and love myself. I\’ve learn to let go and forgive and I decide to remove my grudges in life. We all know forgiveness is not always easy.  at times it feels more painful than the wounds that we suffered. but we need to let go and find peace. The wounds from past could learn you a lot to become a stronger person.  We need to keep moving forward to enjoy our lives because life is too short to holding grudges. We can\’t see the true colors of life when your living in a darkness. Life become easier when you learn  to accept an apology you never forgot. The past is your inspiration to become better person.  Spread love always 🙂

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  1. I will never tolerate bullying. Ever! They are not only physically hurting but it is emotionally damaging as well. It may affect the way we perceive people. Carrying grudges may not be exactly healthy but sometimes we can't help it. It is best to let go because eventually if you won't, it would eat you up.

  2. I was a victim of bullying too, but you’re right, we just have to learn to move forward. Now, i’m even glad to have experienced it because I also love the person I am now. Because of that significant phase in my life, I’ve become a resilient person and I can’t be more grateful. I’m glad you learned to understand that process too 💖 thanks for sharing!

  3. I think this was so relatable! I Have a hard time forgiving too. I'm glad you can see your journey in this and is making progress to better yourself by letting some of these things go <3

  4. The unfortunate thing is I think at some point in everyone's life they are bullied in some way. I worry about this for my son who is now in JK…but I think things like that can make you stronger!

  5. Holding grudges seems so easy at the time that who ever wronged you did so but after a while it just eats away at you. I have a grudge that I cannot seem to let go but I know I need to.

  6. Being bullied isn't easy for those who were, I use to watch my back when I walking through the halls because someone would try to hit me, even this year i got cyber bullied by my husbands old friends and it still happens and it hurt bad and even to this day its hard.

  7. Lift your head high and be strong. Try to not let these people from the past haunt you. You are better than them. I don't think there is anyone around who has not suffered from being bullied, so don't them bring you down.

  8. I can relate since I was bullied as a child. You're right, though, forgiveness isn't always easy, but the best thing to do is move forward and be a better person.

  9. I've come to this weird place, where I still hold the grudge for the actions of some but I don't wish ill on them or even think on what they did anymore. I think with time you grow as a person and find a way to move on. The initial feelings will always be there, but it is possible to find peace.

  10. I think everyone has that moment when they realize that holding grudges doesn't help. I've had a few people or events that really hurt me and I held on for a long time. It isn't easy, but I am trying to let go of that and just be happy where I am now.

  11. I also bullied when I was a kid from school and sometimes in our home. That experience made me to become a stronger person as I am today. I learned not to pay attention in all things that will not help me and learned to always forgive others even their are not asking for it.

  12. i believe i was a victim of bullying too. i was a bit weird, but who isn't, right? i just learned to accept that not all people will like me and that I just have to do what i want as long as i don't hurt other people. works well for me.

  13. I was lucky to have my sisters constantly defending me from the bullies! I was never good in fighting back so I'm glad to have them. It's easy to say let go but I know that it must be really hard for you. 🙁

  14. Beautifully written and wise words throughout; I applaud you for being able to move past the anger. Being bullied is so awful, my eldest son went through it even to being physically hurt. I am extremely proud of all my kids, as they all stand up for those who cannot. It's sad though.

  15. Bullying is never to be tolerated. I was once bullied in school as a child and I vowed that when I had kids of my own, I will teach them respect towards others and not bully others or surrender to bullies. I think this behavior should be addressed at home. If the kids are loved, cared for and taught manners and morals, this bullying behavior will stop.

  16. I was bullied as a child and it was awful. I will not tolerate this as adult. I will say to forgive and move on is best for the person who was bullied. There is not greater reward than to live a great life.

  17. Big NO for bullying. I was a vixtimbof bullying when I was a teen. I am in pain not only physically but emotionally.It is hard to remembering those days but the important thing is I learned and forget.

  18. I can relate when I say I hold grudges sometimes. It happens and it's normal. I too have the exact same thoughts before but I decided to not care anymore. It took alot of time but in the end, I'm back to focusing on myself and being happy!

  19. Holding on to grudges really hurts you more than those you are upset about. Forgiving and letting go of the pain of the past will make your life so much better.

  20. Bullying is something I have been through a lot in my childhood but never did i ever tolerate it ever since. Holding grudge and hatred is easy but unfortunately that does not affect the person who bullied you but you instead.

  21. Growing up an introvert I was constantly bullied, although verbally but yes constantly. I had to muster a lot of patience to let go and never think about how little or less they think of me. I kept moving forward.

  22. I used to be a bully not realizing how much I inflicted pain both emotionally and physically. If I could only turn back the time I could have undone it.

  23. I am glad to know that you were able to move forward. It is not an easy task and you were able to achieve this is a big deal. Definitely a feather in your cap. I wish all of us could be as brave as you!

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