The purpose of posting this article to aware people what the do
‘s and don\’t s while using social media. We all know one of the power communication is social media. You can communicate to the other people in a different countries in the power of internet. Anyways what is Social Media?

Did you heard the news about 50 million hacked on Facebook? What if’s your Facebook hacked and then you already saved a lot of information and important files on your account. What if you’ve already post some not typically like private photos or what so ever What could be the next? In this situation you need to read this article to guide on how you can handle using social media.


What is social media? –

Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information and the building of virtual networks and communities. By design, social media is internet based and offers users easy electronic communication of personal information and other content, such as videos and photos. Users engage with social media via computer, tablet or smartphone via web-based software or web application, often utilizing it for messaging.

   In this case I will share my awareness about using social media..
This is all about yours. It’s okay to post about your self but remember you need to think what are the awareness that you need to do on your social media site.
Here’s my information that I don’t want to post on my social media sites.
    • My real name – Some of my friends in social media they don’t know my real name. YAH! They know about my nick name and surname not the real name also. “Why I need to keep my name secret?”  Last 2017 I’m a victim of Identity theft. They use my name and my picture for the theft purposes. They are scammers. They selling gadget online but when you give the money they blocked you. OMGGG!! This is so embarrassed. So guys  you need to aware who are the person that you can trust in this matter.
    • Your Phone number and Address- You can save your phone number and address but make sure it is a private. There are some instances that they use your information to find you or threat you. The Stalkers they can block mail you somehow.
    • Password accounts – This is really important if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend I mean if you are couple better they don’t know your password. but it depends on how did you trust the person but if I were you better don’t say your password because it’s a part of your privacy.


Guys It’s up too you if you need to post your information but make sure you need to be responsible. About your information. it\’s all about safeness.

You can make selfie all day but be careful what are the photos that you want post on your social media site.
We love selfie right? Most of the people have their smart phones. Then they can make a groupie selfie. We can take a lot of photos especially when you go to travel. or anything. but make sure when you post it on your social media sites. avoid to publicity your photo too much because sometimes they use your photo to create a dummy or poser account. \”You know what I mean\”  Be careful to the all people surrounds you.
Question: What if I have a blog and I need to post my photos in my website or blog site what can I do?
If you are a blogger and you need to post your picture selfie here\’s the thing that you need to do.
Upload your  photos with credentials. This is a great way to upload your photos.
 This is great thing to own your photos and this is really helps.


This is so important.
Before you post something you need to think many times if it’s kind of Inappropriate or appropriate. It’s okay to express your thoughts in social media but do you think is that okay? What if some of your friends they saw your post and it’s kind of offending? YAH! Sometimes we can’t handle our emotion. I know the feeling especially when you have rants about your work , school or etc. When you feel angry or upset. It’s okay to express your emotion in social media because it’s a part of freedom expression. but remember we have limitations. Because here in this world there’s a lot of criticism people that can judge you easily.

This is a thing. be careful about the friend request. If you asking me about the person who can I accept their friend request. I’ll tell you right now.

First. I don’t accept the person if we’re not close to each other. What I mean some person who didn’t talk or you don’t have any acquaintances each other. I didn’t accept their friend request why? because they use your Facebook account to get your information. You need to be careful who the person that you accept on social media.
Second. don\’t accept the person if you don’t know their personally. Better they message you first before you accept.
Lastly. NO MUTUAL NO ACCEPT!! of course you need to be aware. If you don’t know the person better decline their request.
BUT IT DEPENDS ABOUT THE SITUATION!! Message first before you accept.
 Lastly. Stop arguing!!
It’s okay to comment a post because this is the part of freedom expression. However when it comes about politics showbiz religious and etc we need to be careful.
What does it mean?
It’s okay to share your opinion but we all know people have different beliefs. and opinions. Sometimes your opinion is not okay to the others. All you have to do is respect.
Respect their opinion  you don\’t need to argue things. If you have short temper better you’ll remain silent and don\’t make a comment. In the world of having social media sometimes all of the post are not truth. They have trolls to create fake news. You don\’t need to debate to share your opinion were not rude. We have a different opinions in life so we need to understand others beliefs.
This are my awareness on how can I use social media. I know some of you. You have an idea about this but did we applied it?
It\’s okay to use social media but we need to be responsible. because it’s all of ourselves. We need to be matured about handle things in life. Your Privacy, Opinion are part of our lives.
All you have to do is..


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  1. This is such an important post. It's amazing how much personal information people share on social media, and they really need to learn to be more aware of what they're putting out there.

  2. I think the most dangerous thing about sharing on social media is how much misleading or outright false information gets circulated. It can make for dangerous lies to spread.

  3. I don't know if it's because I didn't grow up on social media or what, but no social media apps have my physical address, I don't save my passwords. I hate that a lot of apps are asking for your phone number now to verify that you are a real person, as I don't think they've a right to that information. It's amazing to me what people post!

  4. Agree, especially if it requires your personal information or bank account, never give it to them without checking. Social media can be useful but we have to be wise user 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing this! It is extremely important not to share too much personal information about yourself these days. Social media can be a scary place in a way x

  6. I am pretty confident in me, so I trust myself on social media not to do anything that has negative repercussions. I share but I don't over share. I definitely believe I have found my boundaries.

  7. Even though I blog and partially post some of my life in my blog, I personally don't use my social media to post my entire life involving people close to me (family, friends etc) and things I'm doing. I just use it to text friends or something that relates to my blog.

  8. I will never forget what a media teacher thought my class during my first year of uni, how when you post something on social media, no matter how private you think it is, it can get public. So pretty much if you don't want something to show, simply don't post it. Nothing is private on social media and everything can get hacked.

  9. This is such a great and a very well written post. I agree that you everyone of us should think first before clicking the like button.

  10. This is suuuuch a great post, thanks so much for sharing this. I totally agree, and sometimes it can be hard to really moderate our social media use.

  11. Posting in Social Media comes with a big responsibility. This post should be an eye opener to others especially to teens. Maybe half of the Social Media users are teens.

  12. Think before you click is the technological equivalence of think before you speak! The Internet has a LONG memory and things you think you deleted are still there, somewhere, and accessible to those who are technically savvy, who have nefarious intentions.

  13. It is scary what information people can learn about is on social media. I try to keep my accounts fairly locked down. You offered some great suggestions here.

  14. Some really great advice here for using social media. Currently have a book on my reading stack about this. How much do we need to share, yet also remain private. This is going to be a HUGE issue moving forward into 2020 and beyond!

  15. That a great post! I think that you should do some activities in your local place so that the awareness of people for using social network can actually be raised! Thank you so much for sharing

  16. This is very important information! So many people over share personal information on social media, forgetting that it is out there for the whole world to see. I try really hard to limit what I post, especially on my blog where people I do not know personally are reading.

  17. Such a nice post and a great reminder for all us. We should think first before liking any posts from social media, thanks for sharing!

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