How can you support someone who is experiencing a mental health problem? In reality people won\’t care about you. Otherwise they criticize you although they don\’t know the reason behind of it. It\’s hard to living in reality with full of criticism people. Sometimes they love to put you down until you became  numb and do the things that possible can end you life. How would it be? 


No one knows what on their mind. They always say \” I\”am Okay\” for no one asking them what\’s going on. They might to end the conversation to make them alone. Yes I do I\’ am one of them before. There are all times that I love being alone and do the things that suffocates me. I\’ve been through a lot of pressure and anxieties. I am an introvert person. When regards to socialize with the other people it makes me feel awkward. I don\’t attend to family gatherings and I hate to go family reunion or anything because when they see me I\’ve always been judge. About my weight, my personality or anything so I suppose to not attending gatherings instead I\’m going some places alone or spend my time together with my friends. Who knows?

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Despite all of that I\’ll remain strong and decide not to quit. I\’ve been a fighter. I\’m always to save myself with full of toxic people. I\’m always stand in my own. No one can bringing me down and keep my life going. People don\’t really know how to care for someone who was dying mentally. They may know your situation but will think of you as making excuses or shitty reasons. Like \” Nag-iinarte lang yan kulang sa pansin, pa epal feeling depression ang gaga!!\”  That thing called cruel reality. Unfortunately people have lack of giving advics and encouragement. Indeed! If you a have a friend or Family who suffered mental illness, please take your time to listen their concern. Ask them how can help or support them. Don\’t pressure them to talk about things that they don\’t want to talk about. Listen what they have to say. that guidelines is a great thing to make they feel better. never say any words of judgement. Make them inspired always.
Here in Philippines, we celebrating Mental health care awareness to support people who suffered mental illness. and very proud to post this kind of topic to catch people attention about this awareness perhaps this is the way that you help your someone who has suffered of this illness.

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  1. It's so hard watching a loved one go through tough times. My cousin went through a bad bout of clinical depression. I was so lost on what to do to help him. I didn't pressure him to talk or tell him to change, but was there when he was ready for me.

  2. So strong of you to write this post. It's so true that people have to remember to be kind because everyone is going through something. I hope everyday is better for you than the previous. You are beautiful!

  3. It's so important to remain a positive force in the lives of those around us. While we may not be the person they choose to open up to, our energy can affect them all the same.

  4. I am so sorry this has been such a struggle for you! Family get-togethers can sometimes be the worst. They are just enough to make me wish that the judgmental family members would be the ones to stay away, so I can have more fun hanging out with the ones I like better lol

  5. Sorry to hear that you have been going through difficult times. Its brave of you to write this post to help awareness of mental health through your own personal experience xx

  6. You are so brave! I don’t know how much it took you to post this. You are amazing, and I hope you do know that. Many others may be keeping silent right now about their struggles. This article is such an inspiration to me, I pray it is for others too!

  7. Beautiful post. You are right somepeople would not care about your mental health. Some people would never dig into why you just say I'm okay. Mental health is so important.

  8. I'm sorry that you had to go through this, but you are so strong to share this with everyone. I struggled with a little bit of depression and anxiety after the birth of our youngest–I sought help and now I'm doing better. This will help so many others realize that they're not alone!

  9. Mental health awareness is extremly important. I have suffered with mental health problems for many years now. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  10. It's so hard to support friends or family members who suffer with mental health. Sometimes they can't accept the problem, some other times they don't want any help. We must stay strong and by their side though, no matter what the situation is.

  11. Raising awareness and writing about mental health makes it less taboo and easier for people who suffer from it to speak up. I think when your friends suffer from mental health problem, you just need to be there for them.

  12. When we see someone has experience some symptons of feeling sad or confused, excessive fears/worries or extrem feelings of guilt and withdrawal from friends, I should pay more attention and give a helping hand by talking or listening to their needs. Be patience is the key to be there for them. I am glad you have put your personal struggle here to raise more awareness.

  13. I think this is a wonderful thing to raise awareness about, many wear a mask so you'd never know what they are going through and they just need a little boost. Thanks for writing this up!

  14. I think there has been a lack of support for the mentally ill or mental health awareness throughout history. I'm glad that in this day and age, we have more access to support and resources, particularly free websites and suicide hotlines.

  15. Thanks for sharing your story and raising awareness of mental health. People I know who suffer mental struggles feel very much alone. It's important for them to know that there are help and support out there for them.

  16. What a perfect choice of picture! Most people wear a mask so we don't know what's really going on inside them. I hope there'll be more mental health awareness campaign supported by government.

  17. It is very hard to manage a mental illness and it's not something that can just be wished away. I think it's important to be supportive, open and non-judgmental when a loved one is going through this. No one can truly no their pain except themselves. I think this is a wonderful post depicting an example of how it feels and I'm glad to see that there is advocacy made present for it.

  18. This is such a very well-written article and I really enjoyed reading this. I am glad that now most of people are paying attention with this matter, thank you for sharing this with us.

  19. This is such a great post. thank you for sharing this and give awareness to Mental health. It is such an importanht topic that everyone should be aware of.

  20. Absolutely beautiful words on a topic that definitely needs more awareness. It's a lesson to know that we don't always know the struggle someone is going or the pain they're in. To reach out.

  21. I can totally relate to what you've written. Even I am an introvert, and I know how awkward it becomes when I have to talk to people. 😐

  22. I think that it's important to remember that if we don't struggle with mental health at the moment or have found an effective treatment, we still need to be kind and sensitive to those who are still struggling and remember that not everyone is the same. When I was at my lowest, I hated when people would tell me that if I tried what worked for them then I would feel better. I appreciated the thought but it made me feel insubordinate when it didn't work. Remember, everyone's mental health is different!

  23. Thanks for sharing this. It's so important to talk about mental health and care for those around us. Some people fail to notice until their loved one has passed away. We should definitely be checking up on each other.

  24. I totally agree that one of the worst things we can do is to judge. Instead we need to show support and compassion in order to help people in the place they are at. Not expect them to be and feel how we want them to

  25. Mental awareness is indeed such a big help to everyone. Not all experience it maybe but we need to be aware that some might be undergoing this illness and we should know how to take care of people who is suffering with this too.

  26. It is so good that mental health is so prevalent in the conversation right now. I'm glad it's finally a common topic and less of a taboo.

  27. I think it's better to let go of friends and family who don't make you feel good about yourself or appreciate you. A strong support system and a positive mindset goes a long way.

  28. Dealing with any kind of mental illness can be crippling. It is important to remove the toxic people from your life in order to stay semi-sane. My own mother calls me \”Miss Bi-Polar\” instead of by my name and thinks the whole thing is a joke and makes fun of me. What she does not understand is that it is hereditary, and she is a million times worse than me, but I always understood she was off even though she has never been diagnosed. She just won't accept my mental illness, so I cut her out of my life.

  29. Today I am reading second time about the Mental Health Care. Having good mental health helps you lead a happy and healthy life. And I am agree with you one need to talk about the awareness of mental health.

  30. It's rather difficult to support someone who is experiencing some mental health issues True, not a lot of people would care or perhaps worse, won't believe. It takes a great person to see one needs help the most.

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