If you ever think about giving up, remember why you held on for so long.
 -Hayley Williams


Well I’m so excited to create this blog because last Thursday August 23rd 2018 I watched Paramore concert. Yes that’s true I already see them performing live. Okay I know you asking me  Why did I like Paramore so much? and when did started? Okay I tell you!

During my high school days if you already read my blog remember I love rock music If you don’t know read my story title Fangirling. Paramore is one of my Favorite band. their songs before makes me scream and emo. Then that time I watched the series of Twilight Because I’m a fan of Edward Cullen Lol!  and their songs I caught myself and Decode They catch me up. I love Hayley because she’s so beautiful and Gorgeous. with her orange hair and then the way she sing  high notes while jumping and mostly the Headbang.

Kaugnay na larawan
    Moving on After several years. They released their new album titled “After Laughter” well if you asking me I really love this new album. They change a lot from rockers to 80\’s aesthetic. check them out on Youtube.  The album After Laughter is all about meaning of life. Well if you have notice some of my poetry and writings I got the title from their album After Laughter. The Forgiveness Idle Worship Fake Happy and lastly my previous post Caught in the Middle.  Because these songs aches my heart deeply Try to listen their songs as I promise this is really cool!.
Resulta ng larawan para sa hayley 2018 gif
 Another thing. Hayley make a writing note about Mental illness she said that’s she’s tired for everything. I feel her! so that’s why After laughter album released.
 About their concert.

  Last October 2017  Rhiza Pascua head of MMI Philippines. Announce the Paramore tour in Manila on February 2018 MMI is music concert organization here in Philippines. Then of course I\’m so excited because Paramore is one my dream band that I really need to see them perform live “Yung saya ko teh di ko mawari“. but unfortunately the ticket is already sold out. Dear hoarders ano masasabi nyo masaya na ba kayo?” so feel unlucky again. yung feeling gumuho na yung mundo ko ganon! but late in February 2018 2 days before the concert Paramore announce the concert was postponed due to Hayley Williams’ respiratory condition. The concert moving to August 23rd. I don’t the feel if I\m happy because the concert was postponed or I\’m sudden because of Hayley\’s condition. Mixed emotions ” pero yung iniisip ko talaga parang binigyan ako ng chance ni Papa God para makabili ng ticket.\”  but I really hope that\’s she\’s fine and I think she need to take a rest for awhile.

Moving on. May 2018 I’m still looking for the miracle to those people sell their tickets during the postponed of the concert. I saw someone selling their ticket GA cost of 2,500 from scalper. “Okay double prize again Mabuhay Philippines! Ikaka angat natin yan!” so I got the ticket feeling of Second chances is always possible.

The Event.
 Aug 22nd I can’t sleep I’m so excited for the concert The feeling of my heart beat so fast “ganon sya nga mga teh!” Anyway after my excitement the next day 2pm I\’m going to Manila and enjoy the concert.



During Concert Photos and videos.





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  1. Looks like such an amazing concert! Not really into Paramore but a lot of my friends love them and they've even influenced some of my friends who are musicians

  2. I didn't hear about this band before reading your post, but it does look like you had a lot of fun at the concert. I know how amazing it is to see your favorite band performing in concert.

  3. Love paramore! I always wanted my hair to be like her orange/ red look. I'm just now getting into coloring my hair so hopefully I can copycat it soon. She has some great music!

  4. Paramore is such an interesting band! They have been doing their own thing and creating unique music for so many years now, they are here to stay! Glad you had a blast! Rock on!

  5. Looks like you are having so much fun in the concert from the video clips, the yelling and screaming 🙂 ! I have not been to any concert lately and hope to go to one soon.

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