We live in Happily and Peace 
Now I\’m just caught in the middle.

I don\’t know where to go I can\’t find the directions.
I\’m tired and I really don\’t know why.

I\’m just a little girl lost in the moment.
I see the spotlight without any shininess.
The people wants me to settle down.
And they ask me to find my happily ever after.
Nobody knows what\’s on my mind.
They can\’t figured out they bringing on me down.
They want me to be happy but I\’m not really happy at all
I feel the pressure at this moment.
I try to keep going but it\’s not that simple
I don\’t know where can I put myself.
I just want to be happy on my own way.
I need to let go and just enjoy my life.
I don\’t need no one else.
I\’m just really want enjoy myself alone.
I can\’t think of getting old
It only makes me want to die
In life no one can predicts you.
Just go with flow and enjoy yourself.
Life is too short for making sadness.
World is wonderful Love yourself.  



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  1. Hi Maysz,you have written a heart touching & beautiful poetry.Your last two lines are really amazing,i.e. \”Life is too short for making sadness.World is wonderful Love yourself.\”.Keep Up the good work😊

  2. I share this sentiments too. I too seem caught up in the middle of trying to make everyone happy (by getting married) or just pursue my goals and marry whenever it comes. Life is too short to worry about this things. Good poetry.

  3. This is written so nicely and is very relatable on many levels. I think my favorite line is \”I need to let go and just enjoy my life\” because we all need to let go of things and just enjoy where we are.

  4. Such an amazing piece of work, so heart touching, I can totally relate to it. People want us to settle down but they don't care what do we want. Great work, loved it.

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