Today is my day. I would like to express my gratitude to those people who always giving me support all of the time. My Family, Friends, my Colleagues, my fellow Bloggies. Thank you so much. You give me a chance to express myself into writing this blog.

  I\’m not the kind of person who always shows what I got. I\’ve always been silent at all when it comes to do something especially about my journey. Although sometimes I\’ve encounter ups and downs in life I feel lucky because all of your support is always remain. Honestly in myself I feel the pressure because in my age \”alam nyo naman sa Pilipinas diba lahat napupuna nila!\” but I know there\’s a reason for everything. I am willing to wait for the new beginning. I don\’t have any material wish but I really hope someday I will be a successful writer in the future . Right now I need to focus what\’s on my mind. I need to pursue this kind of things to become successful in the future. It\’s not too late for everything. There\’s a hope always for the new beginning I know in my self that someday I will be an achiever. 

     Life is full of challenges sometimes I always being disappointment. I feel tired at all. However you give me an inspiration for everything why I remain strong. Hanggang ngayon aminado pa rin ako sa sarili ko na patuloy pa ako lumalaban. Despite all of things in life
 I remain being enthusiastic. So laban lang sa life mga beshhie! I enjoy things no matter what.

  To all greetings and support Thank you so much in deeply here in my heart. and I suppose to say this is really valuable and touchable. Spread love always!

 Your girl.
Maysz 24 Ambitious.

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  1. Well,Happy belated Birthday Amayz. Glad to know you are doing what you love to do whether it is blogging or your life. ANd I am pretty sure your wish of writer will be achieved in future. So just have some confidence. And Have Fun while doing it.

  2. I hope you had a WONDERFUL day! This past years birthday wasn't all that great for me, not going to lie – so I think I am officially over \”looking forward to\” my birthday. I've always been kind of bummed with the outcome.

  3. Happy birthday!! May you find the universe rise to greet and support you in all you do. With your whole life ahead, you are unstoppable. Many blessings and many more. Xo, Evelyn

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to you! I hope you enjoyed your day. I wish you a year of great new adventures!

  5. Happy Birthday! I'm sure your wish of being a successful writer will come true in time, just keep working at it! The best things in life take a little more time than we want sometimes but you'll get there!

  6. Happy birthday! It sounds like you've had an amazing day and felt the love of all the ones near you. I hope this feeling will last for the entire year to come for you.

  7. Belated happy birthday to you. You always have a great post and I hope you continue your passion in making a good blogs.

  8. You are so right! Life is definitely full tons of challenges. Many are not the ones we want. With a strong support system we can get through the tough ones.

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