I\’m starting to get feeling this way.
On how can I start with the new beginning.
It feels more painful than the wounds that I suffered.
My heart was heavy, shattered and scolded.
But living in this world with a full of love & faith
will set you free.

Because almighty God forgive with all our sins.
Don\’t live your life with hate in your heart.
Let go, find peace and liberate yourself.
We all know it\’s not easy to forgive someone.
Anyone can hold a grudge
but it takes a person with character to forgive.
Forgiveness is not just for someone who hurt you most.
Forgiveness is for you and about you too.
In time things come and go.
With the love leaves fall and grow.
The past will learn you a lot.
And the sunrise is waiting for you to get up.
Start your day with a wonderful smile.
Because forgiveness is an expression of love.

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  1. Turning the other cheek and forgiving someone who is done wrong to one is hard. Thank you for a beautiful piece that reminds us to take a higher road.

  2. I enjoyed your poem. Forgiveness is so very important, and yet often so difficult to give whether to others or ourselves. Shawn has a post on his blog about this too.

  3. I totally agree that forgiveness is for yourself, and not necessarily for who you're forgiving. Holding anger and resentment in your heart is not healthy, and forgiveness can be healing and freeing!xoxoAnnie

  4. Okay…as a grudge holder and someone that can be all kinds of petty, I needed this poem. I think I might need to get a screenshot of it on my phone as a reminder to live and forgive. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love love love love love!!! Thank you so much! I needed this lately! It's hard to let go of some of the things that hurt us so much but for our own heart we need to remember to forgive. Thank you!

  6. I don't hold grudges – or in other words, I always forgive. That being said, I also don't be-friend or hang out with anyone who wound WRONG me in any sort of way, so my life is pretty drama free 🙂

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