I will not allow my tears to flow at this moment.
 but instead I\’m being thankful because you give me an inspiration for everything. 
This is the hardest part without saying goodbye.


 Allow me to write things to be loud because your anonymous.
 I am so glad to know you. Although our acquaintance wasn\’t long.
 You have made a big impact in my life and it is thanks to you why I remain strong. 
The short time that I\’ll spend my time to you is precious than shimmering stones.
 But unfortunately it can be bittersweet.
 When you disappear without actions and words. I feel incomplete,
 The sorrow and pain was there.
 But leaving in this world into reality is necessary needed.
Fantasy is just for imagination only. 
We live in reality to find yourself into something different.
 You create a story and find your journey.
  Since you\’re already gone. I need to accept the fact that I need to moving forward.
Farewell words too often part, and cleave, with sorrow, aching hearts.
Emotions ran through my head.
Let me scream and say I love you for the last time.
Tomorrow will be a another day for me.
It may seems impossible, but it\’s true.
Now that you left me, I am beyond sad.
I love and I miss you more than you\’ll ever know.
You\’ve taught me so much, and I want to say thank you.
Until again without any day. 

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  1. You express the bittersweet sentiment so well from the heart. As others have said, this is beautiful! May what feels severed complete it’s cycle so you will always know your wholeness. ❤️ Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence

  2. This was a beautiful post. It was written in a beautiful manner and brings smile on my face while reading this. Keep up the good work. Looking more from you.

  3. Goodbyes are not forever, they say. Somebody more worthy is coming! Meanwhile, continue writing and expressing yourself through poem, lovely composition!

  4. This is sad and almost got me into tears. I remember someone because of this, the person who makes my words flow and makes me wrote even though it’s sad. Beautiful poem.

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