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   Hello there  today I will share you one of my favorite thoughts in life. When I say thoughts in life means my all favorites and Idols for short fangirling. I’m a being fanatic girl since I love music because that’s the one thing that makes me happy. Okay let me share you some of my favorite music and artist I’m so excited to share it to you guys.

Okay Let’s start!

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The first is my genre.

 I know some of you are curious about my favorite music okay for some clarification my kind of music is all about rock alternative. I love bands I love watching concerts and gigs because it makes me feel in love and a lot of fun. I’ll spend my money to watch concerts and see them performing live. We all know music is everything. Life without music makes you feel dead right? “I don’t know about the other side so this is my opinion only!” but for me music makes me feel alive. I play some instrument but I’m not the really good one. And also I sing but I’m really the good one.

I’m a girl but I love rock music.

 Since you already know about my music genre. I know some of you asking a lot of questions.  I’m a girl but you love rock music why? I love rock music because you can boost your emotion and the beat makes you jumping although you feel broke and mess but still you feel alive.  I feel my inner rock chic has always been there. I grew up listening a lot of alternative rock songs and during my high school days I’ve learned to play instrument. And also I love singing. Let me show you.



This all of  my favorite bands 💓💓💓

Next is Series.
        First of all I'm not really good about movies actually I watch some like marvel because I'm a fan of Chris Prat and also I love watching Japanese series. I'm a fan of Manga and Anime. when regards entertainment I watch WWE 😂😂  I told you I'm very weirdo in person. HAHAHAHA!  "so alam na!" Okay moving on I will share some of my Favorite characters and movie also. Then if you have a time try to check this.

1. Death note.

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  I started watch this movie in my high school days because of their tactic skills. I love the flow of story because it's a lot of mystery and investigation

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 I love you L 💓💓💓

2. Tokyo Ghoul
Resulta ng larawan para sa tokyo ghoul movie

  This movie it's all about monster and reaper. this is really nice movie though..

 3. Slamdunk

Resulta ng larawan para sa slam dunk

 I really love this anime series! It looks a lot of fun and during my high school days I'm not gonna miss to watch this.

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       Believe it or not! I am watching WWE because for me it's very entertaining. This is my stress reliever anyway. I'm a huge fan of Roman Reigns 💓💓💓

Kaugnay na larawan 


    Okay since you've already know about my favorites let me show you my Idols and crushes I'm so excited!

Kaugnay na larawan
Chris Martin of Coldplay💓

Resulta ng larawan para sa Kenichi Matsuyama

Kenichi Matsuyama L'Lawliet Death note💓

Resulta ng larawan para sa chris pratt

Chris Prat Starlord the Guardians of the Galaxy💓💓

Kaugnay na larawan
Lee min Ho 💓💓💓

Resulta ng larawan para sa roman reigns model

Roman Reigns WWE


Okay so I'm done This is my fangirling  post! HAHAHHAHA ! So I have question. who is you fan crush and what are your favorites share it guys :)

Thank you.


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  1. I also like the artists you mentioned. Actually, I am not into a definite type of songs but mostly, its from Secondhand Seranade, Owl City, and other solo artists. :D Have you tried listening to this genre too? :D


    1. I love secondhand serenade😍

    2. Secondhand serenade and owl
      City is the best too!

  2. Thank you big heart heart😍

  3. When it comes to OPM, Eraserheads and Sugarfree are my choice. I also love solo artists like Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal

  4. Everyone has their own guilty pleasures. I love Coldplay and The Script, also! And much to my husband's disapproval, i LOVE chris pratt.... even if he was the sloppy guy from parks and rec.

  5. I love music too - I'm into rock/heavy metal (and always have been)... I don't really watch tv or films though.

  6. I usually listen to country music but listen to rock on occasion. I’m also a big fan of all the Marvel movies and absolutely love love love Harry Potter!

  7. Thanks for sharing your favorite with us.

  8. Patricia ChamberlainAugust 13, 2018 at 1:36 AM

    I love Chris Prat movies as well! I have a toddler, so I do not get to watch many movies, but my husband and I take time every once in awhile to watch marvel movies.

  9. Oh I love Chris Martin too! I met him once after a gig, years ago now, and he is a thoroughly lovely person and really so down to earth! He is also super handsome!

  10. I love Chris Pratt too! He was seriously so good in the latest Jurassic World! Chris Martin is pretty dreamy too!

  11. Omg, YASSSS. I have a crush on Chris Pratt! :)

  12. Music is an outlet for many of us and can be so powerful to uplift us or allow us to remember good times associated with it.

  13. Well out of my league on this one, never actually been to a proper gig before...however I do love my music x

  14. I too am such a fan girl and I used to obsess over my favorite K-pop girl and boy groups.

  15. "Death Note" is my favorite anime, I watched all 37 episodes in one day and it was awesome, I read manga nad was learning everything that is connected to Kira and L.


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