Hi I\’m Back Then Hello world again!  It\’s been 3 months since last  I\’m share my different story for this blog! then. I guess there\’s a new and  it\’s my Birthday month Tomo!!!!! eto yung date na pinanganak ang isang magandang tulad ko! Charuut!! Anyway August is my Birth month then 6th is The  date of my Birthday. I\’m 23 Still Young Single and Still Waiting for the person who can BLAH BLAH BLAH !! Lam mu na yun Bes! Still Hoping but not Expecting so much! Kase I know there\’s a Time and There\’s a way.






     Current Mood: Anticipation

                   Leo is my Zodiac sign Peridox is my Birth stone 1994 year of the DOG. and that\’s the time that I\’m already Exist!

         Maraming Nangyari saken for the Past 3 months at masasabi ko hindi ito biro biro ! I got an Anxiety, Deeply Emotions soon to depressed. Well Kapag Birth month tlga ewan ko sunud sunud na di ko mawari ng pangyayare HAHAHAHAH! pero still yakang yakang ang peg. I Know there\’s a reason for what happen regarding this! I Think GOD has purpose. pero sana pag ganto yung sitwasyon jusku nemen! Tao lang po ako na napapagod din.

           Music is one of my heal depression I Love Music, talaga solid basta pag my music ok na ko spend time tom listen songs that can heal my emotions. Nag aatend dn ako ng gigs para maging Ok ako ganon because that\’s the time na parang nawawala yung bigat na nararamdaman mo HAHAHHAA DRAMA PA DRAMA PA! but anyway I\’m not very good singer but I can sing so para ma boost out yung nararamdaman ko ganon. How I Wish kakanta ako sa isang gig bar or any place na ako yung singer HAHAHHA! kapal lang pero hindi. minsan kahit Walanghiya ang Lola mo Nagiging Mahiyain den minsan LOL!! pero malay naten dba?? Ang sabe tayong mga Pinoy Magagaling kumanta dba? Kahit sintunando Basta Tama ang Lyrics mo Keri na! pero ako? may Copy ng Lyrics. Madaya HAHAHAHHA!!!





     Sing it for the world ..

     Sing it for the world……

                  I Love singing Talaga!! So? diba? halata nman talaga na Mahilig talaga ako sa music eh no? so ayan!! 




      Then headset is Life ..

                Pag walang Headset si Lola mo! Parang Nagugunaw yung Mundo nya Tapos minsan Need nyapa bumalik sa Kinalalagyan nya Pag nakalimutan yung Headset nya yung TATAA?? Nakakamatay ba ang headset pag wala yan ganern? Ikaw na ang Humusga Bes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAYSZINGGG. . . . . . . . .  . . . . .  .

Music Soundtrack :           BROTHER BY KODALINE


 We\’ve taken different paths and traveled different roads

I know we\’ll always end up on the same one when we\’re old

And when you\’re in the trenches and you\’re under fire I will cover you . . . 




       KITA KITA

                 The First Indie Film na Napanuod ko. Grabe lang It is Short Story but it Makes me cry a Lot  it is the Story of a Girl who have Temporary Blindness who fell in love the Guy na Makulet Na hindi sya tinigilan para lang Makuha yung Loob ni Gurl. Then After that they spend time to go the Places na kung saan nag tour tour guide si girl Before and That Place is Part of Sapporo Japan.

but not all story has a happy ending.. 🙁

                                    TEN LOVE LESSONS FROM KITA KITA 

 1. For no reason, love is the most powerful emotion in human existence.

2. Just because people are ugly doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be loved.

3. Just because people came from bad relationship doesn’t mean they won’t find a good one.

4. You can’t turn back the time but you can keep up with it.

5. Romantic love is always reciprocal. If it’s not then it isn’t love.

6. The moment that we accept to be blind is the same moment that we decide to fight for love.

7. Never apologize for being fooled. Life is always a matter of learning.

8. When people break your heart, take it as an opportunity to reshape your heart.

9. Often those who aren’t the easiest to love are the ones who need it the most.

10. Unexpressed love is the most painful kind of love.


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  1. I was moved by the movie KITA KITA. I never expected that it will make me burst into tears, but not the usual tears that happen when I watch sad movies, this is that kind of \”Hagulhol\” effect inside the cinema while fiance is trying to make me calm. Such a beautiful movie. :DMyx | Myxilog – The All Purpose Blog

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