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      The Demonstration Project in Jiudaoyan River Basin Is Commenced

        The Commencement Ceremony of the Demonstration Project in Jiudaoyan River Basin

        On December 3, the Intensive Commencement Events of Major Projects & “Three Main Campaigns” on Pollution Prevention and Control in the Fourth Quarter of 2018 in Sichuan Province kicked off on the site of Jiudaoyan River Basin Water Ecological Restoration Demonstration Section in Jinniu District. Based on careful summaries about the situation of major projects of the “Three Main Campaigns” on pollution prevention and control submitted by municipal (prefecture) governments, the intensive commencement events involved 341 projects with total investment of RMB 75.8 billion. The Commencement Ceremony of Chengdu Jiudaoyan River Basin Water Ecological Restoration Demonstration Project was held at Chengdu Branch Venue.

        Pioneer in River Basin Harnessing and Summarize Views on Water Governance of Tuo River

        Under the leadership of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and the River Chief Office, Chengdu Environment Group has established the company as a platform of river basin harnessing on the principle of “Unified Planning, Construction and Operation”, so as to advance the Tuo River Basin (Chengdu Section) Comprehensive Treatment as a whole under the pattern of “corporative operation”. Since there are no successful cases on similar river basin governance model so far in China, Chengdu Environment Group serves as a pioneer. By leveraging the unceasing practices and explorations of Tuo River Project, Chengdu Environment Group has been constantly enhancing its communication and coordination with districts (cities) and counties to figure out the governance thinking featuring “Integrated Planning on Large Basin, Unit-separated Governance on Small Basin, and Smart Management on Whole Basin”.

        Implement the Precise Control Based on the Integrated Planning on Large Basin

        In the first half of 2018, led by CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Tuo River Basin Company, a subsidiary of Chengdu Environment Group, guided by the water governance concept of “Water Conservation First, Spatial Balance, Systematic Governance and Two-pronged Approach” has completed the compilation of Tuo River Basin Water Ecological Restoration Planning of Chengdu City, in which the basin area of 6,458 km2 is divided into 45 small units for precise control; based on the characteristics of 137 villages and towns involved, differentiated governance indicators have been formulated to provide bases for the fulfillment of governance responsibility and precise policy implementation.

        Practice the Integrated Promotion Based on the Unit-separated Governance on Small Basin

        I. “Investment, construction and administration” integrated construction of small basins

        Directed by the principle of “basin coordination, unit-based control and quantified indicators”, we will find out the status quo of such pollution sources as towns, villages, industries and river sources within the basin region, improve the draining scheme, compile the detailed planning on small basin water ecological restoration, and develop the library of basin harnessing projects and responsibility list. Supported by the overall planning of municipal and district government, the planned project shall be implemented as a whole in the model of “Unified Planning & Unified Governance, Unified Planning & Joint Governance, and Unified Planning & Autonomous Governance”. In accordance with the requirements of River Chief Office, the compilation of implementation schemes for 9 small basins concerning Xijiang River, (including the small basin of main channel of Xijiang River, small basin of Xinhe Weir, small basin of Shuanglingguan River and Shiling River), as well as the detailed planning compilation of 8 small basins water ecological restoration, i.e. the small basin of Yanghua River in Jianyang City, the small basin of Chishui River, the small basin of Hailuo River, the small basin of Jiangxi River, the small basin of lower reach of main channel of Pi River in Jintang County, three small basins of main channel of Tuo River, the small basin of Yangxi River and the small basin of Mengyang River in Pengzhou City, have been initiated.

        II. “Plant-grid-river” integrated operation and maintenance in small basins

        Based on characteristics of district (city) and county, the principle of government domination and market operation shall be adhered to break through the source with the systematic thinking of “30% of treatment + 70% management”, so as to incorporate the pollution sources, storm sewage pipelines, sewage disposal equipment, wetlands and river channels within the basin into the integrated operation and maintenance for the realization of long-term control on basin units.

        Whole-basin smart Management boosts long-term peace and order

        By establishing a smart management system for the whole basin, and a supporting platform boasting scientific governance and long-term effective management of the basin, diverse small basins have been incorporated into the overall management and control system. The previous chimney-type construction pattern has been abandoned to develop the informatization management ability in an economical manner. Moreover, modern advanced high technologies including the Internet, IoT+, cloud computing, big data and GIS (Geographic Information System) technology have been adopted. Information-based means and IoT means have been applied to incorporate the internal and external monitoring data of newly constructed Jiudaoyan Automatic Monitoring Station and sewage treatment plant within the basin into real-time supervision and precautionary analysis of the online monitoring platform, so as to achieve plant-grid-river integrated supervision and control, which will also be a pioneering practice for the establishment of Chengdu water governance information system.

        Pioneering Jiudaoyan River Basin Stands as the Example of Basin Governance

        As one of the 45 small basins of Tuo River, the construction of Jiudaoyan River Basin now is being advanced under the guidance of “Coordinated Planning for Large Basin, Unit-based Governance for Small Basin, and Smart Management over the Whole Basin”. Getting water from Min River (Fu River), Jiudaoyan River that distributes from the Shitiyan Hub covers Pidu District, Jinniu District and Xindu District, where Jiudaoyan River joins Pi River at the Sanhe Sub-district to finally flow into Tuo River.

        Located to the north of central urban area of Chengdu, the Demonstration Section Construction Project along with the International Sports Center planned to be established in the north of the city in the future will definitely play its prominent role in leading the governance of Tuo River Basin. Invested a total of RMB 1.552 billion, the Demonstration Section Construction Project covers four major construction contents i.e. flood control, water harnessing, landscape building and smart basin management.

        Furthermore, the project will conduct full-channel dredging and flood control standardization throughout the 22.5 km-long river way. Along the demonstration section, sewage interception shall be achieved to drain the sewage to the Seventh Sewage Treatment Plant of Chengdu, where waste water will receive standardized process to guarantee the ecological basic flow. Meanwhile, 29 primary rainwater collection tanks will be established as planned to collect and treat rainwater before discharge into the river channel to realize the recycle of water resources. By taking the measures mentioned above as well as the ecological river channels and 9 wetlands along the route, we aim to exert the self-purification function of waters to assist Jiudaoyan River in reaching the Category III Water Quality Standard on its fracture surface with Pi River, and guarantee the perennial inflow of Jiudaoyan River. In addition, the first experiential and interactive aqua-science theme park of Chengdu shall be built to bring the public the water culture feast full of fantasies.

        We expect to complete basin governance demonstration project that integrates culture, sports, tourism and business, and reshapes the harmonious relationship between human and water by 2020 to function as an example in driving the steady improvement of water ecological environment of rivers in Chengdu, and providing sound water ecological support for building Chengdu into a beautiful and livable park city, so as to realize the picturesque landscape and clear water of Tuo River Basin in a real sense.


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