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      Development Strategy

        A positioning

        (A) Industrial Orientation: Focus on the investment and financing control and capital operation business, bigger and stronger environmental protection two water conservancy Water Co., the joint development of auxiliary services, timely intervention of other strategic emerging industries, pluralistic, multi-industry symbiosis development.

        (B) the nature of targeting: state owned enterprise reform direction and unified deployment, franchising and market-oriented operation, Xing Rong Group will create a set of capital operation, industry operating in one of the large state-owned investment holding group.

        (Iii) market positioning: customer guiding values of integrated marketing, to provide excellent services to the government and the consuming public; the world, based on domestic, bigger and stronger domestic and international markets.

        (Iv) value proposition: emerging industries of strategic investment platform; integrated water environmental protection industry, capital operation platform scale development; promoting state owned enterprise reform platform; state-owned capital operation platform; resource integration platform for collaborative development.

        Second, the vision, mission and core values

        (A) mission: the care of the source of life, to build the city running water, created ecological civilization, to enhance the happiness index. By creating a harmonious win-win situation, a virtuous cycle of ecosystems and development platform for enterprises to create a balance value for all stakeholders at the same time, promote the construction of ecological civilization; through water environmental integration services, to lead the water environmental protection industry, creating value for the progress of industry; through transformation and innovation, creating value for a new round of state owned enterprise reform; through system optimization, collaborative development platform associated with the body to create value; by deepening responsibility system, create value for society and the majority of users; through the full range of personnel services for staff development Create value.

        (B) The vision: the operation and management of water environmental protection industry leader through 10--20 years to build, develop into a leading integrated urban and rural water supply and environmental protection service provider operations. Mainly in three aspects: the leading brand and comprehensive integration services responsible brand image; leading integrated services and operations management; leading technology and specialized technical service capabilities; leading economic value performance.

        (Iii) core values: courage to play, good at innovation, operational expertise, knowledge and action.

        Third, the development strategy

        (A) the Group's overall strategy: production and finance integration strategy - to lead the state-owned capital investment, capital operation diversification, the development of industrial integration.

        Diversification Capital Operation System: firmly grasp the depth promote public utilities and infrastructure sector market-oriented reforms and diversification in resource allocation, mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, capital markets and deepen reform opportunity to give full play to the Group and AG two the role of capital operation platform, innovative financing model, expanding financing channels to ensure the smooth industrial development mechanism transfusion.

        "Pluralistic" the integration of business development system: open from the raw water supply and drainage to sludge disposal entire water supply chain, to expand and depth of water at the core of the residents end consumer products and service system; to waste generation and hazardous waste disposal of the core, and gradually derived soil remediation, waste handling car, venous industry and other new environmental protection industry chain; to water, water purifying agent focusing on bigger and stronger secondary industry; extend hotel development, property management and business management.

        "Five in One" integrated operational control system: the responsibility for the origin to the platform as the core, technology as a leader, as a link to the capital, talent as a fundamental. Construction of the whole group responsibility management system and a culture of responsibility system; through resource integration of government, policy, capital and projects, build a "common responsibility for co-hing, industry and glory (Rong)" development platform; system upgrade technological capabilities, leading some special technology research and development, build the core competitiveness; investment capital as a link to create a control group and the type of state-owned capital investment business entities; emphasize the role of human resources for the support of the Group's development, improve the strategic human resource management system.

        (B) for each business segment segmentation strategies.

        1, the main industry sector

        (1) water business: stable development, positive penetration strategy. And promote water conservancy projects and raw water services, innovative business models; through capital, technology and management of water supply market penetration, promote internal lean management; actively expand the market outside the group waterworks, extends project business chain.

        (2) Environmental Business: solid foundation operations and management, aggressive expansion strategy. Lean project management to enhance the operational capacity and efficiency, expand the sewage treatment market; leading technology to expand leachate and sludge disposal market; actively build waste generation and disposal of hazardous waste operations management system.

        2, the auxiliary plate

        (1) water industry Auxiliary: Collaborative Innovation Development Strategy. Promote technological innovation through the water meter, water purification agent adjustment of product structure, to seize the market, expand market share.

        (2) asset management and property management: professional development strategies. To promote the hotel business internal management specialization, fine; integration of resources, innovation model, revitalize the stock of state-owned assets, improve operational efficiency and management; take the initiative to actively expand the Group's external property management market.

        (3) Engineering: major breakthroughs and contraction of the combination strategy. Contraction and water environmental protection industry chain little correlation, market share is not high municipal infrastructure construction business, actively expand the pipeline construction and other projects; through specialization, to build the core environmental water main construction industry related business segments competitiveness, increase efforts to expand the Group's external markets, increase market share.

        (4) Technical Services: resource integration, effective coordination, positive extension of the strategy. Integration of technology research and development resources, perfect technology group management organization system, the advantages of technology research and development to enhance the core competitiveness; actively expand the Group's external technical services market.

        3, capital operation plate

        Diversification strategy. Do two excellent platform to enhance the ability of state-owned capital investment and operation; innovative financing model, expanding financing channels to ensure industrial development needs.

        Fourth, the strategic objectives

        2020 Target: project-oriented investment, supplemented by acquisitions, the Group developed into a first-class, with global influence of water environmental protection enterprises. Group assets over 50 billion annual revenues double to 7 billion; continued to improve the scale of production, supply and drainage scale of 800 tons / day of sludge processing capacity of 1,500 tons / day, waste incineration power generation scale of 10,000 tons / day, hazardous waste handling 100,000 tons / year, Li completed rock reservoir water conservancy construction, and strive to simultaneously obtain a water project construction; complete 3-5 overseas investment projects.

        2025 Target: project investment, cooperative development-oriented M & A Group become the industry world-renowned enterprises; the Group's total assets amounted to 100 billion annual revenues exceed 10 billion; to continue to expand the scale of production, supply and drainage volume of above 12 million tons / day, sludge treatment capacity of 2,500 tons / day, waste incineration power generation scale of 18,000 tons / day, hazardous waste disposal 200,000 tons / year; going to develop into 3-5 countries (regions), 6-8 to complete overseas investment projects.


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